Style and Philosophies

As a photographer my aim is to not only to provide you with a fun experience, but with images that will entice and catalog your experiences for the rest of time. These are your moments and when I photograph them I try to capture them, both the significant s and those little moments that occur between moments. My job as a photographer is to allow you to live them forever.I like to call the style that I have developed vivid reality. Many photographers in this day and age process their photos to the point where they have escaped reality. Colors and moods like those may seem cool, but they tend to sway the actual mood that occurred in a different direction. And to be honest, who really wants their skin to be purple or green in a photo anyway?!?! What I do is take the colors already existing in the original photograph and enhance them; no artificiality here. By doing this I keep the reality in the photos, but make them a little more vibrant and pronounced both in color and mood.Before our actual shoot even begins I work with my clients to better understand their interests and desires for their photos. Feel free to bring example images or ideas to our consultation or shoot to give me a precise idea of what you are looking for. By doing this I provide us with what we both really want: beautiful and meaningful photos for you. This is really about you, and together we can make this a masterpiece.

Full portrait sessions starting at 200

Seniors starting at 400

Weddings starting at 1600

Message me for a complete pricing and package list in the contact section of this website. If you would like to book a session with me, please do the same.