With photography, and photographers, you get what you pay for just like anything else in life. You wouldn’t invest your money into a car that’s always breaking down or into a bankrupt business, so why invest your money into a photographer that won’t give you the best return on your investment? Many photographers out there charge unseemly amounts of money for skills that they have overanalyzed. Some photographers don’t focus on subtle things like color, skin, or eye editing in their photos and present their clients with relatively unprofessionally edited photos or over-edited photos. In these instances what you end up is with a disk full of photos with some that are probably pretty great, but many of them may not be. I spend the extra time that it takes to make sure that in every photo your skin will look smooth and perfect without looking fake or airbrushed, that your eyes pop of the screen or print, and that the colors match the mood or feeling of the photo without being under-edited or edited beyond reality. If you pay me to photograph for you I want you to be happy with as many of the photographs that I present you with as possible. On top of all of this, I keep my prices competitive, so you get all of this for the same prices that other photographers are charging their clients.


A wedding is the most important day of your life, and at the end of the day the only memory (aside from your love of course!) is the photographs from your photographer. Talking with brides I have often heard them say that aside from their dress the photographer is THE most important investment they made. I’ve even heard a bride compare a photographer to insurance to protect your investment. If you spend a ton of money to create a day that is beautiful, why not spend the money to make sure that the only visible memories of that day are also visible? I have made a little formula that I think sums this all up pretty well.

Wedding day–––>thousands of dollars spent–––>memory?–––>photographs

Weddings begin at $1600

Up to 8 hours coverage
USB drive with +200 professionally edited images
Up to 200 miles round trip driving
1 Mounted 8 x 10 prints

Full portrait sessions begin at 200
1-2 hour session
Unlimited locations
Unlimited wardrobe changes/outfits
USB drive with 20 professionally edited photos
Up to 2 people (additional people $25 each)

Mini sessions 90
Up to half an hour shooting
5 professionally edited images
CD with edited images
Signed printing release

Engagement/Couple Premier 400
1-2 hour session
Unlimited locations
Unlimited wardrobe changes/outfits
USB drive with 20 professionally edited photos
$200 print credit
Receive $150 off price of wedding if you book me to shoot your wedding too

Senior Sessions begin at 400

1-2 hour session
Unlimited locations
Unlimited wardrobe changes/outfits
USB drive with 15 professionally edited photos
2 8 x 10 prints
2 5 x 7 prints
2 4 x 6 prints
24 wallet prints (can mix and match)
20% discount on canvas and/or photobooks


I only shoot select events:Parties, family events/reunions, bachelor parties

20-30 edited images per hour

USB containing all edited images

Any additional prints or products purchased at customer's expense

As of Summer 2013 Kevin Farris Photography is proud to add medium format film as an add-on to any portrait or wedding package.

Medium format film photographs will be shot on a 1970's Hasselblad 500 C/M camera; Hasselblad is known as the golden standard of film photography. These older film cameras feature extremely high quality and detail, which still rival today's digital cameras.

A roll of film can be added on to any shoot for an additional $75 for 24 photos. Expect 5-10 photos from each roll of 24.